PTFE compound

The wide range of peculiar PTFE properties can be further enlarge with the addition of inorganic and polymeric fillers, increasing compressive strenght and wear resistance.

Type and quantity of fillers added change with the final application and define the properties requested.
The most used families of inorganic fillers are: carbon, bronze, graphite, glass, molybdenum disulfide, mica.
The polymeric fillers are selected among technopolymers that guarantee similar or higher thermal stability than PTFE. The most widely used polymers are: polyimides, aromatic polyesters, PAI, PPS, PEEK.

Thanks to a thirty years experience in the field of PTFE compounds production, POLIS srl is able to guarantee and optimize its products through the choice of PTFE, fillers, specific treatments, mixing techniques and post-treatments on mixtures.

In order to optimize the customer's transformation processes, guaranteeing the best physical and mechanical properties, the great majority of POLIS compounds are available in the following versions:

  • NFF for classic compression molding of large and medium pieces
  • FF for classic, automatic and isostatic compression molding
  • FF HDS for automatic molding and ram extrusion
  • E / EH for ram extrusion

Alongside with the products in the portfolio, POLIS srl cooperates with customers in the development and optimization of specific compounds to face the challenging performance requests coming from the global market.