More than 20 years experience in the field of Compounding and Post Treatment of PTFE
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Polis: The production facilities covers an area of 5000 mq. Modern equipments are available:

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We are a young team strongly motivated with twenty years experience in the transformation of fluoropolymers also in a toll production bases.
In 2005 we built up a new facility exclusively for the production of standard and new PTFE Compounds.

Presently our production program covers:

- Granular Virgin PTFE in 3 grades:
NFF, micronized with different granulometries,
PRESINTERED for rods and thin wall tubes
FF/FFHD, with bulk density up to 850 gr./lt.

- PTFE Compounds:
A few houndreds of gradesNFF, PRESINTERED, FF and FFHD

- PTFE Micro Powders:
For engineering Polymers, (wear and antidrip properties) Ink, Adhesives, Coatings and Greases

POLIS has a well equipped lab. and cooperates with customers to develope new or tailor made grades whenever required. We are presently working on innovative grades and projects involving external consultants and University institutes as well.

The production facility covers an area of 5000 mq. Modern equipments are available and most of them have been built up following in house technological expertise.

POLIS has a large production capacity, which allows good flexibility to comply and react promptly to the new world market requirements.

POLIS follow with a peculiar attention personnel training by special courses. A special attention is addressed to minimize the environmental impact of the production process.

For further information about our production or our company, Please contact us at:

Polis S.r.l.
Via Artigianale - Loc. Cignano - Offlaga (BS) - Italy
Tel +39 030 979304 - Fax +39 030 979989